Friday, October 30, 2009

A Day and Sights in Greenbrier

On our way back to the Coach.Sorry hazy pictures shooting through the windshield with sun glare.

Another Wedding Chapel!!!!

This was just out side of the entrance to Greenbrier.

This couple walked down where I was and so I ask if I could take there picture and send it to them. I hope they love them.

The Bradfords!!!

My Lucy!!

My Abbey!!

My Molly!! Sonny put me up in this tree and then handed me each dog. Its a long way down if we fall.

I took this one out in the Whaley Cemetery and when I moved the girls away,

This is what I saw July 26. That is my Birthday. Spooky!!!!!!!

I love Mushrooms!!

Always different.
My beautiful girl Molly Molly

Abbey says I have been up here long enough get me down.


Abbey, Molly and Lucy

Some times you see something you just have to take a picture of. And this was one of them.

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