Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Killdeer and Nest.

I don't understand this one. I can't tell the female from the male. But one is standing on the nest and the other is standing on the other one's back. I think he is telling her if she wont stay on that egg he will make her. She has a couple of eggs in other spots so she has to go check on them too.

Proud Mama and Papa.

And Baby makes 3.

Talk about Labor!!!!!!!! She only lays one at a time (thank goodness). And she lays them in the gravel. This one is about 5 feet in front of Shamu. The owner put a orange cone by her gravel nest so we don't step on it. She will lay several around the park some in the street and in RV spots. Never in the grass. So if you drive through and see a orange cone go around it. She own the road.

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