Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Building of Georgia Mtn RV Pool

First dirt being moved.

We are going to have Water Front Property!!!!

He's going deeper and deeper.

Final preparations being made to place pool in.

John, Tom and Rick working on Power.

8:30 the Crane arrives in time to get set before pool to arrive at 9:00.
10:30 where is the pool, that Crane is costing me money just sitting.
It's here it's here, nope the is just the Garbage Truck.

12 something it pulls in. Yes it is here!!!!!

Dave guiding it in.

Some one has to get in, John you are elected.

First one in the Pool.

You want me to do what with this?

A little higher and Dave it is going to take you out!!!!

Run John!!!! It's coming off!!!

Keep turning, you can do it.

Move it over just a little more.

That's better.


Peanut Gallery!!!

Raising this corner 1/2 inch.

First water going in.

Gallery got hungry.

Sitting at our kitchen table.

I wonder why we don't have any water pressure?

First one to get in the pool with water, ME!!!!!!
This morning they got the lines run before storms rolled in, so working on it has been put on hold.

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