Friday, January 13, 2012

Daniel and Tonya's for Christmas 2011

David took this, my Camera is sick and he was adjusting it. Pretty pic.
Double click of the stocking and look at what the candle is putting off. And we never saw it sitting there. That is one of the HUMM moments!!!!
Tonya I love you, please forgive me but I just love these pic's of you opening your Christmas. I think you liked all of it!!!!

There She is Miss Abominable Snow-lady. If I had all that on well just shoot me now!!!!
She said they were socks, but gloves for your feet!!!!! They were cute!!!! Pom poms on the Toes!!!!

Penny says Mama that is mine would u hurry up!!!!
Alright now lets check this out!!!
Monster Kitty had more important things to do!!!! But Penny liked it!!!! Daniel gave me a look and said thanks Mom!!!! LOL It makes noise!!!!

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