Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Georgia Min. 4th of July Parade 2012

We have 14 Golf Carts at the park, but only could get 12 of us lined up!!!
This is Aubie with the Red White and Blue banners. We all had so much fun riding all over the park, in and out of spaces!!!! We were all too full to walk because of a wonderful BQ Lunch!!!!
Dave owner of park!!! Our fearless leader!!!!
Rick park manager (the one that keeps us all in line)
 Ann!!!!! She is our Cheerleader!!!!
 Mike and Linda!!
 Danny and Romona!!
 Chad and Tracy!!
 Joe and Bonnie!!!

 Grizz and Roger!!

 Omar and ?????
Keith and Ginger!!!

 All Ducks in a row!!! Sorry I didn't get a picture of each one!!!

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