Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It Was Time!! Greenbrier Here We Come!!!

It was time to go to Greenbrier, one of our favorite places in the Park.

We picked up a Subway and I took fruit, chips and water with us for a freezing picnic lunch on Sat after Thanksgiving

We parked where this is what we looked at and listened too.

We left Greenbrier and drove toward Cosby. Double click on the picture and you can see Snow on the Mtns.

We kept driving and decied to go to I-40 and just make a big loop home.

We ended up taking 411 just to do something different and boy did we find something we had no clue was here. And I'm not talking about the Barn.
It was just a Big Red Barn and had to add it in.

When we saw the sign we thought OK distribution. Well is was the Bush Plants and a wonderful Welcome Center.

We had a lot of fun going through and seeing all the old cans and all their Christmas decor. They also have a film you can watch on the history of Bush. We didn't have time to do that because it was 45 min before it started and we had been gone a long time already. Next time!!!!!

This was one of the old delivery trucks.

Inside the Bush store. I bought a couple of cans for supper and it was cheaper than at Kroger.

I loved this Mantle

And the Table decor

OK discrimination, NO Sheltie or Dashound anything!!!!!!

2 Christmas Trees right next to each other. I do miss all my Trees.

WOW now that is a can!!!!!!

Not me, I have never wanted to know how many beans I weigh. HELLO!!!! Not even the regular scales!!!!!!

Loved all the old cans.

No Sonny you can't play with the Trucks.

You have come a long way Baby!!

I guess I should have seen the movie on Bush Products because I don't know what a flying pig has to do with anything. Oh yea we don't watch commercials, so it could be part of Bushes commercials .

Too funny Red Beams to protect the Bush secret recipes. Funny but let me tell you I didn't touch the cabinet. I didn't want sirens to go off.

This is the Restaurant and gift shop all the pictures were taken in. The massive Plant is across the street. I don't have a wide enough lens to get a picture of it.

We are still out and on our way home and this Valley was so beautiful.

I know Cactus is Tennessee, who knew!!!!

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