Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Sites Around Wear's Valley

Can't you just see the History here.

This is in Sevierville , we were trying to get out of traffic and going on a back road, you never know what is just around the corner.

Another one of our adventures.

I wanted to have a Picnic with a view and or by the Little Pigeon. This wasn't what I had in mind. We put our blanket down on the other side of the sign, hey it gave us something to lean up against.

Ok we did have a view and it wasn't crowded with people. I don't think there were even Wild life around.

One of the thousands well maybe hundreds of Wedding Chapels.

There was a House for sale across the street behind me. This is the View. Wow!!!! Sonny said I could have it!!!!! It was Sold.

And we thought we missed the color.

Guinea Hens!!!
I could never find all these places again. We have been up and down so many roads, all I could say is it is that way!!!!!

So you call this a Building program, well maybe a little.

One more of those wonderful Barns.

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