Thursday, November 03, 2011

Barber Marina!!!!! Wow!!!

As you are going to see I was very carried away with George Barber's Marina!!! It was so beautiful and manicures to a tea. It is huge to say the least and if you are in Gulf Shores it is so worth the drive. I cant wait to go back!!

This is the Building with offices a Deli and his antique boat motors. And of course the sales office for the Boats and Motors for sale...

Beautiful statues are every where, this place is 1000's of acres and they are from the time you come in..

The breeze way through the middle of the building.

I lobe this Wind Mill!!!!

These Motors shine like new money!!!! So Pretty (for a boat motor)

I would say this place is a work in progress. These are going all the way around a Island (ground island) that you drive around to go to the Offices.

More being place in same island.

Now if it takes something this big to put a boat in the water IT IS A BIG BOAT no A YACHT!!!!

Oh yes His own Heliport!!!!!

This was a boat for sale Sonny said NO you cant afford it from here, LOL!!!!

Inside of the Boat Sales. Any one will do.

More creatures.

And critters!!!!

Hope I didn't bore you , but this place is Awesome!!!!

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