Thursday, November 03, 2011

Fire at State Park Gulf Shores June 2011

Filler up please!!!! We have a job to do!!!

This was our first knowledge of Fire in State Park. We had just left the Marina and was driving in area and saw it in the distance. Was concerned because I knew it was in our direction just a little south, but it was time to go check it out.

This was the sight from RV Park.

Bridge from Beach Express going into Orange Beach. The Bridge at end became engulfed in smoke. This was as close as we could get all road around the area was closed off.

This was taken the next day, the fire became a controlled burn to get rid of the downed trees from last Hurricane.

These Helicopters were so fascinating to watch!!!! This was a OOPS!!!! it lost all the water it picked up. There was several of them and they worked so hard to keep the fire under control. Thank goodness they did a great job and no houses or businesses were damaged other than smoke!!!

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