Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week With The Davenports

 We are almost at Gulf Shores State Park Campground!!!
 The Davenports!!!! Just a couple of spots down from us!!!
 The Richards set up and ready!!!! For sweat bees and sand fleas and sand burrs!!!!!
 This is the site from our table!!!!! Couldn't have gotten any better (well the wind about blew us away, but other than that it was great)!!!!!
 Yes Tacky Jacks Orange Beach, one of my fav's!!!!!!!!!
 The Davenports and the Richards having a good time!!!!! Jay having a ball!!!!

 The slow have the right away!!!!! This park is a wonderful place to ride bicycles!!!!!
 Beauties on the Beach!!!!
 The Water was too rough to get in. Red Flags out!!!!

 Run Jay Run!!!!!!!
 Ok no week complete with out a trip to Billy's Seafood!!!!
 Diane, Jay and I walk in the back to see a boat dock and going to unload their haul!!!!
 I want 2 lbs of this and 2 lbs of that and oh yea 2 more lbs of the Jumbo Shrimp!!!!!!!

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