Sunday, May 26, 2013

Breakfast then On A Photo Shoot In Fairhope!!!

 We went to The Biscuit King for breakfast. It was the best Omelet I have ever had. Now the biscuit didn't live up to its name. Sonny call's this place The Ugly Biscuit!!!
 I took Sonny home and I was on a mission to find a Seahorse, but I came up on this Church first and it was calling me so I turned around and got out and too a couple.
 I found it and it was all I expected it to be. Pictures don't do it justice.

 Fairhope Art Museum. I will make it back to go in!!!!

 I walked thru a open air market and several stands selling Sunflowers!!! They were so pretty!!!!
 This Clock was my next mission. Found it at the entrance of a condo village.
 This Clock is center of town.
 Welcome Center downtown Fairhope.
 A girl after my own heart, planting flowers!!!

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