Monday, October 25, 2010

Guntersville Tornado, October.

I can tell you the Lord took care of us, because we were right in the middle of it. This was what we saw when we opened the door at 3:30 this morning. Gas leaking from grill, every flower pot in many many pieces and the plants were every where. But we are fine and the Coach is fine. We rocked and rolled and sound like a destruction zone out side. I was hanging on to the door in the hall. Sonny trying to get dressed, the girls circling my feet scared with all the noise and lightning.

Our poor fence did survive, thank goodness and so did my Fall Pumpkin. Not a flower of leaf touched. These things are so strange what it gets and what it doesn't. It and my prize cactus was the only thing not to be twisted turned or broke. Thank you Lord for sparing them too.

Sonny managed to crawl out the door and go the gas tank off the grill to stop it from leaking. He picked up a few things and then we came in till daylight.

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