Sunday, October 24, 2010

Old McDonald Had A Farm!!!!

The Family Dog. I rode to a farm in Holly Pond with one of the Ladies that lives here at the park. This is her Daughters Place.

This is the Donkey pasture.

This is a Zedonk!!! They are very rare, so it is very special to get to see one in person.

Can you believe hose ears??

I wish I had those eyelashes!!

Miniature Pony and baby.

It is so little!!!

Now to the Rabbits.

These were Tiger Bunnies (half Breed)

The black and white one is he proud daddy of 4 or 5 babies.

Baby bunnies born yesterday.

This is the Proud Mama!!!

This is the pet cow. She follows you ever where. Her mother died in delivery and this one was bottle feed. She is just like a large dog.

Now to the Turkeys. This guy is way to proud of himself!!! He knows he is beautiful and shows you.

He has all he females wooing him.

This little girl is 2 days old. Isn't she precious.

This is her mama.

Mama and Baby Lama's.

I was on a real Farm and loved it. It was so much fun. Thank you Mary for taking me.

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