Monday, July 08, 2013

3rd and 4th of July, Fairhope 2013

 We went looking for the best place to see the Fireworks here in Fairhope when the Davenports get here. Well this wasn't the place but couldn't resist the shot!!!
 We found a place that turned out great. Not far from the Pier and had a show watching boats launch.
As you see the birds are ready for the show, they got their front row seat.
 The view from where we are sitting and that is the pier they will be shot from. Wow Sonny did good!!!The Van on the pier looks like a rescue vehicle if any thing goes wrong.
 That is where they are going to shoot from!!!! Ok ready for the show to begin!!!!
 I'm ready too!!! On with the show or he could be saying look at all those crazy people!!!!
 Boats and more boats!!
 They kept setting these things off right at us. Ron thought it was a UFO!!!!! Well that is what he kept telling me it was!!!
 I had so many settings on Camera wrong that nothing was working and couldn't get them fixed!!!
 Well all i can say it what i did shoot is colorful!!!
 First one on tripod!!! This one I took after I threw it in the Bay!!!!!
 I wish I could say I jumped in and got it and tried again but NO just my shaking hands!!

I lighten this one so you could see this dude going out in the dark to watch with the boats!!! No reflectors or a light, CRAZY!!!!!!

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