Monday, July 01, 2013

Our Day at The Beach!!!!!

 It was going to be a nice day of playing in the water and relaxing under an umbrella!!!!
 OK first my major cutie on the beach!!!!  Is she just too cute!!!
 JELLY FISH!!!!!!! 100's were taken out while we watched!!!

They never stopped and they weren't the only ones. The only people for the most part that ever got in the water had buckets or a net!!! And the one that did go in were getting stung and decided to get out!!!

This is the beach one way, see how many are in!!!
 And this is the other way, everyone just standing around watching them being caught.
So if you can't swim and need entertainment , you feed the birds or
 You have some one bury you in the sand or
 Lay there waiting to be next to be buried or
You make sculptures in the sand, This guy made the prettiest  Cross, but I got up to go get a picture and he didn't like the way it looked and was starting over when we were leaving.
Well that was the first part of our day, how was yours???

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