Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sunset at Oyster Bay 2013

 We were looking for a good place to see the Shrimp Boats going out and I saw this Boat 
across the water, I have it from the other side but i like this side better.
Just laying there is all her Glory!!!! I'm sure she was a wonderful Shrimper in her day!!!
 We didn't think we would have much of a sunset tonight but I wanted to go and get pictures of the Shrimp Boats as they were going out!!!!
 Oh yes we had a sunset with lots of color!!!
 This was the first Shrimp boat we saw and it came from Aquila's
 She is on her way!!!!
Going for the big haul!!!!
 She has passed in from of us and what a site!!!!

 Still going out. Got to watch her all the way and turn and drop the nets. Be sure to double click on the pictures to see them better.

 In this one you can see the nets starting down and the next one the nets are down. 
We never saw them bring them up, it got too dark on us!!


 This was a little Shrimp Boat that was going out just as we were leaving.

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