Sunday, June 09, 2013

Another Day at The Beach!!!!!

 Yes Toes in the Sand!!!!
 Monster from the Blue Lagoon!!!!!

 This was taken last week, slow posting!!!! Waves knocked me down!!!
 This was taken last week also, sorry but had to take it from a mile away!!!! These are Muslims swimming and the women were in all their clothes head dress also.
 One more of the ragging Sea!!!!
 This was yesterday (Saturday) Water a little calmer.
 Ready for lunch!!!!! Throw us a fish please!!!!
 This one was perched on the light the whole time we were here!!

 This fish is small compared to what he caught in the last picture.
 Landing 101!!!!!! I can do this!!!!

 Had to run my lens all the way out he was so close too me.
 Splash splash I was taking a bath!!! Sorry couldn't help myself.

 Oh yes my cutie on the Beach!!!!!
 I wish i had gotten her parents name to send this too them. But it was so bright I couldn't see if I had it or not.

Ok double click and look in the water right under the man with white shirt and hat on. He had to cut it loose when he saw what he had. Not allowed to catch a Shark and bring it in!!!!!! He can truly say the big one got away!!!!!

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