Friday, June 21, 2013

New Favorite Restrauant!!!

This is the site from our table!!!
 This is our table!! Best in the house!! (or out side)
 Dinner is served!!! New Tuesday dinner!!!
 Fairhope Fishing Pier!!! This is also what we could see from our table!!! Pretty nice, Table with a view!!! And yes you can see rain on the right hand side of picture. We watched it go all the way across from Mobile!!!

 This was after Dinner seating!!!

 Very busy birds!!

 Waiting for dinner!!! The Birds that is!!! Ha ha

 Beautiful sunset over the Bay!!! Really just going down. We left too early to see it set.

 Over the Pier this cloud caught my attention and it reminds me of the first site of Mt. Rainer!!!
 Meet this young man and his service dog named Tonya!!!! She is blonde and so sweet!!! Just like another one i know!!!! He is a photographer and ask me if I was. Sonny told him a want to be!!! I said no just love to take pictures!!!
 All the rest of the Pictures are from the area they have here on the north side of Pier. A nice beach and play ground for the kids. Geese every where!!! They had to evacuate them last year and now they are back.

Romantic couple watching the sunset!!! No not us!!!

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