Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back to Fairhope Pier for Beautiful Sunset!!!

 We got here a little early and got to enjoy all the boats coming and going!!!

This girl is trying to catch bait fish to fish with.
 There is a rose garden at the Pier and this is just one of the many different varieties!!!
 I know it is blurry but he is 500 miles and I did good to get it in the first place!!!

 Thanks to Tracy for a refresher coarse in Nikon for Dummies 101!!!! I was able to get some pretty color and much better shots!!!!

 Sorry there is so many, but it was beautiful and this is only about a third of the ones I took!!!
Oh yes Super Moon!!!! So glad I got it last night because it has rained all day and total cloud cover right now and it is 5:30, so I think no moon shots tonight unless something major happens..

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