Sunday, June 23, 2013

Treasure At The End Of A Dead End Road!!!!

 Sign says NO OUTLET!!!! So glad we didn't turn around and went to the No Outlet!!!!
 This was one of those OH MY GOODNESS moments!!! There is a Photographer her that had a picture of this boat and I didn't know who took it and had no clue where or if the boat was really here in Fairhope. BUT WE found it!!! The only thing better would be if it was named War Eagle!!!
 This is the Miss Bama and the Crimson Tide docked right next to each other.  How sweet!!!

 This was just laying in a yard on the no outlet road.
The cloudiness in this picture is pouring rain!!!!! We have gotten back to the Fairhope Pier. Lots of the sculptures all around the park!!!

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