Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival

 this Balloon was tied down where you could walk inside to see what it looks like and just how big they really are!!!
 The First one we saw in the air!!! They had launched about a mile a way and floated over to land, Some kept going oops!!! The name of this one is Freedom Flyer from Tallahassee, Fl
 The Coca Cola one landed right at us,!!!! From Gonzales, La
 We have touch down!!!!!    And these Guys are owners and operators!!!
The Balloon part is called the Envelope! The part that they ride is is called the Basket!!!
We have Fire!!!!!
 Hit and Miss Motors!!!! They were making Ice Cream!!!

 Lots of Old Tractors to see and the kids to play on.

 Surplus from Baton Rouge, La
 This is Karen's Dream II from Port Allen, La
 Yes Im Balloon Man, don't mess with my Ride!!!
 RE/MAX from Lee's Summit, MO
 The Wisdom Racer!! From Baton Rough, LA

 Ionic Blast is the blue one from Madison, MS.  Beetle Juice from Sharon, MS
 This is Ionic Blast coming down and it takes a army of strong arms. I was running and shooting trying to get out of this mans way!!!

They had 2 or 3 things like this to shuddle every one around from parking lot to festival. Was a fun time!!!!

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