Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tolstoy Park in Fairhope

 To much for me to type in, google Tolstoy Park and it will tell the story!!!
We had turned off highway 98 going over to the Scenic 98 and I saw this hut that look like it was trying to grow into a office building,I hollered  STOP you got to go back!!!!
There was a couple taking a picture of this thing, I couldn't see a sign and they went down a couple of steps and went in, so HELLO why not!!!


 Henry Stuart, barefoot as usual, in the 1940's.

 He made every brick in this place. He finished the hut (His home) in 1926.

 It is only one open room 14 feet wide and 14 feet tall. And I thought I lived in a small place. I live in the Hilton, compared to this. But then again his is Hurricane and Tornado proof!!!!

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